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I'm rather nuts for bikes and and my kids.

Sorry if you're looking for the bike tips and single speed stuff from the old site, but I haven't restored that.

I'm hooked on bicycles. It started with my first bike - a balloon tired bike our father fixed up from scrap that the whole family learned on. It didn't get better after my Sting Ray, road bikes, first mountain bikes and now a trail bike. Riding, building, fixing and talking bikes. Instant trip to childhood and freedom and they are quite handy too. I am also a trail builder/crew leader with my local WORBA (I.M.B.A.) chapter. Sometimes the work is fun and it's rewarding. The result is more and better bike terrain and the hope that we're leaving a very good thing for generations to come.

I encourage people of all ages to do more biking. Past injuries that affect running and walking do not bother me on a bike, and biking helps me be middle aged with the same pant size I wore in high school. My combining bike with car and bus also means I burn 1-3 gallons of gasoline a week that the average American does not. I also often beat the lazy asses who fuel the high costs of health care while doing the same errands close to home.


Last modified: 9/5/2005

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